January 16, 2018


Are Life Insurance Claims Paid and why some aren’t?

We were contacted by the family of Mr F in October 2017. Sadly, Mr F had passed away and a claim needed to be registered for life insurance.

Mr F, had a decreasing term insurance policy taken out through Future Proof to pay off his mortgage in the unfortunate event of his passing away. Our dedicated Claims team spoke with Mrs F and helped register the claim.

The claim was agreed very quickly in November 2017 and the Insurance company in question,  backdated the claim date to September 2017. Ensuring that the family received an extra £1000 to pay towards the mortgage. The reason why the insurer overpaid the claim was because they noticed that Mr F. was diagnosed with the Terminal illness in September 2017, even though he did not die until October 2017.

The Industry Average?

Almost £10m is paid out every day to help customers cope with the financial difficulties that can arise as a result of a death, serious illness or injury. Protection insurance includes products such as life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection, which help families cope with financial strains following a life changing event.

The Association of British Insurers published that in 2016, 97% of protection claims were paid. When claims are declined this is usually due to either the claim being for a condition not covered by the policy, or the customer not disclosing important information when taking out the policy e.g a pre-existing health condition, or a dangerous hobby.

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