December 5, 2019
Could you have a claim that you are unsure about?

Could you have a claim that you are unsure about?

Our client

An Investment and Pensions Adviser recently referred a lady to our Adviser Manager Amy.  The client was looking for an income protection policy which would help to fund day to daycare for her severely disabled daughter, in the event that she was unable to care for her through sickness or injury. 

During the initial conversation, she told Amy that she had previously held a critical illness policy which expired in March this year.

She also explained that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, but then went on to say that fortunately she has now been given the ‘all clear’.  This struck a chord with Amy, who immediately asked her why she hadn’t made a claim against this policy?

The client said she felt that firstly, her medical condition wasn’t that serious and secondly, the policy had expired so she didn’t feel that she had any grounds on which to make a claim.  Plus this option hadn’t been suggested to her by any of the other advisers she had consulted.

Amy told her that she must initiate a claim immediately, and gave her the guidance and support she needed to make the process as simple and as painless as possible.

To the client’s surprise…

In Amy’s own words “I’ve just had a very tearful (happy tears) telephone call from my client. A payment of £150,000, plus a refund of 18 premiums is on its way to her.” The process took three weeks from start to finish and the client couldn’t have been more grateful.  She is so happy that she now has funds in place to take care of her daughter and has sent Amy these beautiful flowers as a token of thanks. ( pictured above)

Why we do what we do

Doing the right thing, going the extra mile, treating every client as though they are a member of our own family and thinking outside the box are qualities that we exhibit every day at Future Proof.

The difference that this one conversation with Amy has made to her and her daughter’s lives are life-changing……. And not just for now, but for many years to come.

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