September 11, 2018

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Can I get Insurance if I have a Family History of Motor Neurone Disease?

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Our process

When a client has a pre-existing condition, or has suffered a serious illness in the past, the first thing we do is pick up the phone. We speak to Underwriters at many of the UK’s leading Insurance companies. Discussing all of our client’s medical history helps us to identify the best company to apply to. This also means we avoid applying to companies who will end up being too expensive or worse, decline an application. By completing our research thoroughly, we are able to avoid wasting time and obtain the best terms possible for our clients.

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Our Client

Mrs G, a 37 year old, contacted us as she required life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection to ensure funds are available to protect her family in the event of death, illness or injury.

Family History

Mrs G, has Motor Neurone disease running in her family and her mother unfortunately, suffers from the disease. Mrs G, has not been genetically tested and has not shown any symptoms. The problem that she has found is, that looking for insurance on her own she has been unable to get cover.  Every company including the company where her current policy resides will not cover her for Motor Neurone disease for either Life or Critical illness Insurance.

What Is Motor Neurone disease?

Motor Neurone disease (MND) is an uncommon condition that affects the brain and nerves. It causes weakness that gets worse over time.

It is always fatal and can significantly shorten life expectancy, but some people live with it for many years. There’s no cure, but there are treatments to help reduce the impact it has on your daily life.


Symptoms of motor neurone disease come on gradually and may not be obvious at first.

Early symptoms can include:

  • weakness in your ankle or leg – you might trip, or find it harder to climb stairs
  • slurred speech, which may develop into difficulty swallowing some foods
  • a weak grip – you might drop things, or find it hard to open jars or do up buttons
  • muscle cramps and twitches
  • weight loss – your arms or leg muscles may have become thinner over time
  • difficulty stopping yourself crying or laughing in inappropriate situations

Who gets it and why

Motor Neurone disease is an uncommon condition that mainly affects people in their 60s and 70s, but it can affect adults of all ages.

It’s caused by a problem with cells in the brain and nerves called motor neurones. These cells gradually stop working over time. It’s not known why this happens.

The Outcome

Each Insurance Provider has their own underwriting guidelines and we contacted them all to find the best solution. Almost all the providers we researched would exclude Motor Neurone disease. However, We managed to find two companies who were willing to offer insurance and not only just offer her cover , but give her a standard ( not increased) premiums for Life, Critical Illness and Income protection. Our client chose the company that offered additional benefits.

Mrs G was so happy that we were able to arrange all her cover for her which would ensure that if she got the Motor neurone disease her family would be protected.

Our adviser’s knowledge of the market could help you save a lot of wasted time and ultimate disappointment.

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Next steps

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Any quote that your adviser provides you with will take into account to your circumstances, your medical history, as well as your budget!

An on-line quote is just that – a quote – it isn’t a definite offer of cover. What really matters is the premium you are offered, after your application has been assessed.

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