Arranging life insurance for someone with arthritis is usually straight forward. There are various different types of arthritis and levels of severity. Examples of arthritis include (but are not limited to) osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and gout.

Providing that pain caused by the condition is not severe, there has been no deformity of joints and certain very strong medications have not been prescribed, then policies are usually available on standard terms. If it’s only light pain that’s being experienced, then consider the benefits from curcumin for pain and inflammation relief.

How much will it cost?

The cost of life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection is dependant on the applicant’s age, the sum insured, the length of cover and any other medical history.

However for someone with osteoarthritis, which has no/minimal effect on normal day to day living, has no surgery planned and takes daily pain relief medication we can usually arrange life cover on normal rates.

Life Insurance Costs

  • A 50 year old non-smoker applying for a sum insured of £50,000 until the age of 90, would pay £54.64 per month.
  • A 60 year old non-smoker applying for a sum insured of £50,000 until the age of 90, would pay £45.89 per month.
  • A 70 year old non-smoker applying for a sum insured of £50,000 until the age of 90, would pay £228 per month.

Critical Illness – Costs

Maybe possible although more research would need to be carried out by our advisers.

  • A 40 year old non-smoker applying for a sum insured of £50,000 until the age of 75, would pay £59.18 per month.
  • A 50 year old non-smoker applying for a sum insured of £50,000 until the age of 75, would pay £99.77 per month.

Income Protection – Costs

Income Protection policies pay out a high number of claims due to musculoskeletal issues. This has resulted in insurers usually declining applications for income protection due to the effect that arthritis has on the body. However, if the arthritis is very mild then you may be able to find cover with a specialist insurer. Prices are very dependant on your individual circumstances so it is important to seek expert advice.

All premiums correct at Dec 2018.

Please note that the premiums provided are indicative only and based on this specific case study/ example, which is shown for information purposes only. Your own circumstances will determine whether the amount payable is more or less than the figure quoted.

  • Case study

    We were approached by Mr A, a 52 year old non-smoker, who required life insurance. He wanted a policy to offer financial security and a legacy to his son. Unfortunately Mr A was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 7 years previously and the condition is currently active. He had previously been prescribed methotrexate but suffered severe side effects to the medication and therefore stopped taking it. He currently visits his hospital once a month and is given Tocilizumab (a type of biologic therapy) via an intravenous infusion.

    Mr A had initially tried to arrange his own life insurance by applying to an Insurance Provider online but was surprised to be told that the premium would be increased by an additional 150% rating on top the initial quote due to his medical history. This was not fully explained to him. We researched the medical condition and therapy with all of the Insurance Providers. Once we completed our research, we were able to advise Mr A that all of the providers will increase the premium but we found the Provider who offered the lowest increase of an additional 100%.

    Mr A has now obtained a level term life or earlier terminal illness policy which offers a sum assured of £125,000 over a term that runs until he is 70 years old, for a guaranteed premium of £76.38 a month.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a condition which causes inflammation in a joint or multiple joints. The pain caused by the condition can lead to the need for surgery or strong pain relief. The pain can also often lead to someone becoming unable to work or carry out certain normal daily activities, such as playing sports or walking, without the need for mobility aids.

‘Around 10 million people have arthritis in the UK’. NHS UK 2019

The use of some medications, such as morphine, methotrexate and steroids to treat arthritis is quite common, however, it can sometimes result in premium increases when applying to some insurers. Most High Street providers will increase the premium for life insurance by between an additional 50% – 75% but we know of at least one insurance company who will provide standard terms.

What information do insurers need?

Insurance providers will usually accept applications for life insurance and critical illness cover without the need for any medical evidence. During the application process, insurers will ask for:

1)The type of arthritis you suffer from.

2)Dates of diagnosis and any surgery.

3)What joints are affected?

4)Types of treatment/medication used.

5)Details regarding how the condition affects your life.

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