May 31, 2018


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How Long should my Insurance cover run for?

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When asked how long you would like your cover for? You might like to consider why you are getting the cover in the first instance.

We always recommend a term that matches your requirements. It can be false economy to arrange a short term policy if your intention is to replace it at a later date. Although a short term policy will initial cost less, it will become more expensive as you grow older and may even be unavailable if you suffer a medical condition.


How long will your mortgage run for? Your life and critical illness insurance should match it like for like in amount and length of term. To find out what type of life insurance is best for your circumstance read about home cover here.

Retirement Age

When it comes to Income Protection – which helps to protect your income if you were unable to work as the result of an accident or sickness and critical illness – which pays out a tax-free sum if you become seriously unwell. The term should match the age at which you are ready to retire financially.

Gift to children

If you are thinking about or have gifted a significant amount of money to your children (to help them buy their first home perhaps). It is worth considering Gift Inter Vivos Insurance. Gift Inter Vivos insurance policies are 7 years in length and are tailored to track the liability of Inheritance Tax ( IHT is exempt after 7 years from the date of the gifted sum).

The levels and bases of taxation, and reliefs from taxation, can change at any time. The value of any tax relief depends on individual circumstances.

Loan to children/ family member

This should match the amount and agreed length of time that they have agreed to pay the loan back. The policy should be in their name should they pass away and put in Trust for you as the trustee and beneficiary. In the event of their death the loan will be paid back in full from the policy.

Trusts are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


In terms of life insurance to leave a gift for your family when you pass away, you might want to consider the age that your children or dependents will no longer need your financial support.


Where an insurance plan is to cover the cost of a funeral. Naturally, no one knows when their time will be come. We would recommend  Whole of Life Insurance. As such these policies ( as long as you keep up with the premiums) have open ended terms and pay out when you pass away. Or, if Whole of Life cover proves too expensive, a term of up to the age of 90 would be suggested.

We are on hand to guide and advise, if you need help with how much cover is right for your circumstances we will be happy to help.

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