Future Proof is delighted to be working with Kings Court Trust, St. James’s Place preferred provider of Estate Administration services.

As an additional benefit to all Future Proof clients, Kings Court Trust can provide practical and impartial advice on what to do when someone dies and take care of the probate and estate administration process.

What is Estate Administration?

Estate administration is the process of dealing with a person’s legal, financial and tax affairs after they’ve died.

Kings Court Trust specialises in providing probate and estate administration services to people all across the UK by taking care of the complicated matters after death. They can reduce the administrative burden associated with bereavement, helping you to avoid any unnecessary stress at the difficult time of losing a loved one.

Is it the same as probate?

Probate has become the term commonly associated with handling an individual’s estate after they’ve died but it is just one component of administering an estate. All estates need to be administered to some extent. This normally means dealing with all of their assets (such as property and personal possessions) and liabilities (such as outstanding debts) before transferring what’s left to the beneficiaries.

What’s involved in estate administration?

If you are named as an Executor in a Will, or the next of kin if there is no Will, you may need to think about:

• Gathering all information

• Applying for the Grant of Probate

• Closing bank accounts and paying debts

• Ensuring the family tree information is correct

• Managing shares and investments

• Redirecting post

• Selling property and assets

• Filling in Inheritance Tax forms

• Completing Income Tax work

• Dealing with Capital Gains Tax

• Dealing with specialist legal work

• Contacting all people due to inherit

• Transferring inheritance to those inheriting

• Producing estate accounts

These are just some of the tasks that you may need to consider.

What else do they do?

When it comes to estate administration, Kings Court Trust can handle everything you can think of (and all the things you might not have considered). From self-assessment tax returns and shares to setting up Trusts in a Will*. They have everything in place to take care of your specific needs.

Kings Court Trust also offer a selection of services to help you obtain the Grant of Probate, including Grant only, Grant and assets and Grant and Trust options. These solutions may be more appropriate for simple estates where you would like to retain responsibility for the rest of the estate administration process.

They are proud to be one of the UK’s leading estate administration specialists, having supported over 35,000 estates in whole or part and distributed many billions of pounds in inheritances.

Need to know more?

Contact: Future Proof on 0800 644 4468 for more information for referral to this new service.

Kings Court Trust

For information on what to do when someone dies click HERE

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*Wills and Trusts are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Kings Court Trust Pricing process:

Their specialists will take the time to speak with you and learn about the details of the estate. They will ask questions like ‘Is there a Will?’, ‘Does the estate include property?’ and ‘Is there a surviving spouse?’. These questions will help provide you with a clear quote based on the composition of the estate. For more about pricing click HERE.