June 9, 2021

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Can I get Life Insurance with Ulcerative Colitis?

We contact our clients every 12 months to carry out an annual review.  The main purpose of the call is to review their existing cover to ensure that it still meets their requirements.   Should it become apparent that their circumstances have changed, we can provide timely and expert advice.

We contacted a client to complete an annual review, and she mentioned that she felt her premiums seemed high for the cover she had.  She had arranged the cover through a Life Insurance broker who has since ceased trading, so we now have the responsibility of servicing her account.  Her policy had a sum assured of £40,000 over an original term of 26 years, at a cost of £34.99 per month.

Our client asked us to research the cost of a policy which would pay out a lump sum to her daughters should she pass away. She wanted the payout to provide financial support and pay for any costs associated with her death, so given that her existing policy offered cover only to the age of 79, we recommended that a longer-term policy or Whole of Life cover would be more suitable.

Medical History

Our client told us that she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 2 years ago, but that it was quite mild and she had only had 1 episode.  She also advised that she has never needed surgery and takes Asacol and mesalazine for the condition.

What is Ulcerative Colitis?

Ulcerative colitis is a long-term condition, where the colon and rectum become inflamed.  The colon is the large intestine (bowel), and the rectum is the end of the bowel where stools are stored.  Small ulcers can develop on the colon’s lining and can bleed and produce pus.

What are the symptoms of ulcerative colitis?

The main symptoms of ulcerative colitis are:

  • recurring diarrhoea, which may contain blood, mucus or pus
  • abdominal (tummy) pain
  • needing to empty your bowels frequently

You may also experience fatigue (extreme tiredness), loss of appetite and weight loss.

The severity of the symptoms varies, depending on to what extent the rectum and colon are inflamed, and how severe the inflammation is. For some people, the condition has a significant impact on their everyday lives.

Our process and advice

At Future Proof, we have access to specialist insurance companies who don’t deal directly with the public. These companies offer more specialised policies, designed to provide cover where other major providers can’t.

Our research process involves us contacting many insurers to find out the best possible outcome for our clients. Which avoids any nasty shocks later on during the underwriting process.

Would the insurer add a ‘loading’ to their standard premium? (this is an additional sum charged on top of their standard monthly premium to reflect their additional risk). Or, exclude a condition?

Might they decline the application? We want to avoid wasting time by making applications which may be declined.

We have up to date knowledge of the ever-changing landscape of underwriting for all providers in the UK and are committed to thorough research so that you don’t have to. What’s more, our advice comes at no obligation and with no hidden costs.  You don’t pay us directly but we do get paid by the insurer if you decide to start a policy with them.

The Outcome

When researching her options we discovered that her old policy had been loaded by 125%, which was why she had been paying an increased premium.  This was due to the increased risk that her ulcerative colitis posed to her health.

Our adviser contacted various insurers whose underwriting decisions ranged from between 50-125% loadings, and only one provider offering standard terms.

Our client now has a policy with a sum assured of £40,000, over a term of 36 years for a monthly premium of £28.24.  The new cover will run for a further 11 years beyond that of her previous policy, plus she will be saving £6 every month.  Unsurprisingly, she is very happy with her new cover and thanked us for looking into this for her.

Please note that any premiums mentioned are indicative only and based on this specific case study/ example, which is shown for information purposes only. Your own circumstances will determine whether the amount payable is more or less than the figure quoted.

All our case studies are based on actual client scenarios, many of which pre-date 2020.  We are confident that the acceptance decision made by the insurers would still be offered. Although it is likely that the rates will have changed, your own circumstances will determine whether what amount will be payable by you and would be fully discussed with you before any plan is implemented.

Find out more about Ulcerative colitis on the NHS Website.

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Next steps

Whilst you are welcome to get a quote online, we would recommend you speak to one of our advisers.

Any quote that your adviser provides you with will take into account your circumstances and medical history, as well as your budget!

An online quote is just that – a quote – it isn’t a definite offer of cover. What really matters is the premium you are offered, after your application has been assessed.

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