February 22, 2018



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How do I make an Insurance claim? A Simple Guide.

In the first instance speak with us,  please call 0800 644 4468 – Monday to Thursday from 09.00 to 19.00 and on Friday between 09.00 and 17.00. Or, if you would rather arrange for us to call you back at a more convenient time please click here:

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The information that each insurer will ask for to make a claim varies from company to company.  Speak with us and we will advise you on any specific documentation or information that will be needed relating to your claim.

In general, the following information will be required by your insurer for:

A life/ terminal illness insurance policy

  • The date of death or diagnosis of terminal illness
  • The cause of death or diagnosis of terminal illness
  • A death certificate – we advise our client’s family to ask for more than one official copy of a death certificate. As it saves time if more than one company needs to see the official document and they take time returning it – or it gets lost in the post.
  • The policy holders Doctors details

A critical illness policy

  • Know what the illness is and how severe
  • Date of diagnosis

An income protection policy

  • The date when sick leave began
  • What illness is /reason for not being able to work
  • How long has the policyholder been signed off for.

*This guide is not exclusive and further information may be needed.

Once we have spoken with you, we will relay all the information that you have given us to your insurer. They will either post you a claim form, or in some cases conduct a short claims telephone interview with you. The insurer then will gather any additional information needed to assess your claim.

Why not call the insurers directly? You are most welcome to do this; however, our dedicated claims department can help reduce this stressful period by explaining and helping you manage the claim process. We can speak with the insurance company on your behalf if needed throughout the proceedings.

Funeral Pledge

Immediate help is at hand. Most insurers now have a funeral pledge agreement. Whereby if probate is still outstanding they will forward between £5 and £11k up front to help pay for the funeral. Some will pay this directly to a funeral director should you wish. The payment could help to prevent families from falling into debt while the paperwork behind the payment of a death claim is being gathered and finalised. The funeral pledge initiative follows lobbying by the Protection Distributors Group to help out at a stressful time whatever the financial circumstances.

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Please call us for advice help and guidance on:  0800 644 4468 – Monday to Thursday from 09.00 to 19.00 and on Friday between 09.00 and 17.00.