As well as financial peace of mind, life insurance policies can also offer a range of support services. These services can provide you and your family with practical and emotional support at a time when you might need it most.

At Scottish Widows, you will have access to two services included with their Scottish Widows Protect policies at no added cost.

  • Red Arc
  • Clinic in a Pocket™ remote GP and prescription delivery services, by Square Health

The services can be used by you, your partner and your children from the day the plan starts and you don’t have to make a claim to use them.

What are the RedArc services?

RedArc has a team of Personal Nurses who are all highly experienced and qualified with a wide range of specialised and general medical knowledge. Their services include support for situations such as:

  • Any long-term physical or mental illness such as cancer, cardiac, depression, anxiety etc.
  • Bereavement
  • Trauma
  • Disability
  • Support on discharge from hospital – helping you recover

The Personal Nurse can also provide, where appropriate:

  • A face to face second medical opinion from UK-based specialists, or
  • A course of therapy e.g. counselling, complementary or occupational therapy

A dedicated telephone-based Personal Nurse will help you with your specific needs and situation and the same Nurse will remain with you for as long and as often as needed.

How you can use Scottish Widows Care service


If you or someone in your family needs help, advice or support relating to any of the above situations, just call the customer support team and explain that you want a referral.


The claims team will explain how you or your family can contact RedArc. For a critical illness claim please call us on 0345 601 4839. If someone has died please call 0345 601 4179.

What are the Clinic in a Pocket™ services?

Clinic in a Pocket™ remote GP and prescription delivery services, by Square Health are available to all new policyholders from 22 March 2021.

This allows the policyholder, their children and partners to access a UK doctor 24/7 to talk through any health or medical concerns by remote consultation.

Accessed via our partner Square Health’s fully encrypted Clinic in a Pocket™ app, health history is encrypted and securely stored.

Clinic in a Pocket™ gives you access to medical expertise from the comfort of your own home.

How you can use the Clinic in a Pocket™ services

Details of how to access the free service are in every new customer’s welcome pack. After registering, customers access these services direct from Square Health via their Clinic in a Pocket™ app for Android and Apple. Square Health are on hand to help with installation, registration and the GP service itself.

This service can be used to complement existing NHS treatment, for example to discuss a diagnosis.

There’s the option to upload a photo before the appointment and full details of the consultation are available for the customer to forward to their local GP.

Your remote GP can also write prescriptions, repeat prescriptions, and a ‘fit note’, where there’s a clinical reason. They can refer you to a private specialist if that’s needed face to face. ‘Fit notes’ and private referrals are both available at a cost of £15.

Private repeat prescriptions can then be delivered to your front door, free. Please note you may have to cover the charge for the medication.

Scottish Widows Protect offers Clinic in a Pocket™ remote GP and prescription delivery services, by Square Health as part of your policy, they are not part of our contractual agreement with you. These services can be amended, replaced or withdrawn at any time.

To find out more about ‘Clinic in a pocket’ visit Scottish Widows 

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