When people are diagnosed with a serious or worrying illness they have many questions. But what they often can’t find is the answers.  Best Doctors believe that anyone anywhere should have access to the best and most appropriate medical opinions available, with no geographical boundaries.

In a world of rapidly advancing medical science, access to Best Doctors means that if you, your partner or any of your dependent children are diagnosed with a serious or worrying illness you can get a world-leading expert to:

  • conduct an in-depth review of your diagnosis and medical case
  • provide expert advice and recommendations for medical treatment

Best Doctors can help with everything from minor surgery to major health concerns like cancer and heart disease. The service is 100% confidential. You don’t need to travel, visit a doctor’s office or chase medical records. In short, Best Doctors will give you the confidence to make the best medical decision for you.

Click here if you’re an AIG Life policyholder and want to find out more. This is a non-contractual benefit which Aig can remove at any time.

If you are an Aviva policyholder please note that Best Doctors is only available if you have opted into Global Treatment at an additional cost. This is as of 1st December 2020 and will apply to all customers. If you have not, then Digicare will be available. Digicare will be available to new and existing individual protection customers.

Aviva is also offering Aviva DigiCare to the life assured on policies bought from Friends Life since November 2011 and Aviva from January 2015. This is a non-contractual benefit which Aviva can remove at any time.

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